How to Spot a Fake David Yurman

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David Yurman sells jewellery, accessories, eyewear and fragrance for men and women. Celebrities from Kate Hudson to Mary Louise Parker have even donned David Yurman pieces on the red carpet. Increasing popularity of this high-end company has lead to an increase in imitation products on the market. Some fake David Yurman items are pretty convincing, but once you know a few telltale signs, spotting a knock-off is simple.

Examine the product for David Yurman trademarks. Genuine David Yurman pieces will have © D.Y. 925 followed by a small marking inscribed somewhere on the item. Knock-off pieces often miss or rearrange the order of the copyright information.

Confirm the certificate of authenticity. Call David Yurman's costumier service line and give the details of your certificate. If your item didn't come with a certificate, this is a tip-off that it might be a replica.

Know the retail value. David Yurman jewellery is high-end and pieces range from £227 to more than £11,050. Find out how much the piece is worth at the David Yurman website or visit an authorised retailer. Items purchased for a fraction of the original price are likely imitations.

Know how to recognise phoney materials. David Yurman jewellery is made from the best quality gems and minerals. Real silver will not react to a nitric test. Genuine diamonds clear instantly after you fog them. Real gold is slightly malleable and consistent in colour even at the edges of the piece. Appraise the item to confirm all material is authentic.

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