How to Use an Electric Blanket on Memory Foam

Many people who have memory foam mattresses wonder if they can use electric blankets on them. The cause for concern stems from the fact that memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive. They absorb the temperature settings around them to adjust to the climate, meaning that a cooler temperature will cause the foam to be firmer and a hotter temperature will cause the foam to be softer. According to Jeffrey Gornstein, president of Comfort House, it is perfectly fine to use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress. A number of factors should just be kept in mind.

Place the electric blanket atop the sheets on your memory foam mattress and plug the blanket into an electrical socket. Use an extra blanket atop your sheets and beneath the electric blanket for a more comfortable source of heat.

Set the temperature setting on your electric blanket. Remember that a memory foam mattress absorbs heat. Test the temperature on the lowest heat settings first before progressing to higher ones. The lower heat setting will have a more effective impact on a memory foam mattress than a traditional one because the memory foam will absorb the heat from the electric blanket.

Turn off the blanket when your bed reaches the desired warmth or adjust your electric blanket settings to automatically turn off after a certain time period. If your electric blanket doesn't feature a timer, it should automatically turn off after 10 hours of operation; most newer electric blankets feature this safety feature. You might want to consult your manufacturer's manual to see if yours automatically turns off so you can sleep worry-free in case you forget to turn off your electric blanket.

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