How to cook tuna steaks in the microwave

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Cooking fish in the microwave requires a watchful eye, but done correctly, even tuna steaks can be prepared to an ideal, meaty texture. Due to their thickness, tuna steaks require a longer microwave cooking time than thinner cuts of fish, so you cannot simply replace tuna steaks in a recipe that calls for a thinner, white-fleshed fish. However, swordfish steaks do substitute well for tuna steaks in microwave recipe. Use your favourite marinade for cooking and flavouring the tuna steaks if desired.

Place the tuna steaks int the bottom of the baking dish.

Cover the tuna steak with the marinade of your choice along with the vegetables.

Place the plastic wrap or lid over the baking dish.

Microwave the fish on high power for eight minutes every 500 gr. (1 pound) of tuna steaks if using a 650 to 800 watt microwave, or cook on high for 12 minutes, covered, for lower wattage microwaves.

Carefully remove the plastic wrap or lid to avoid escaping steam and serve the tuna steaks with the vegetables.

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