How to Make Hair Accessories at Home

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Hundreds of hair accessories exist on the market, and the more unusual the accessory, the more you pay for it. Making your own hair accessories at home not only saves you money, but also ensures that your creations are one-of-a-kind. Creating your own accessories is also a great opportunity to use up any scraps of material and other items in the craft box. Whether you want a special hair accessory for a party, or you simply want to create cute accessories for your daughter, there are plenty of interesting projects. Images

Thread a piece of wire, approximately 20 inches long, through the bend of the hair clip. Cross both ends of the wire over each other to keep them together.

Select the beads you want to use. Thread one bead onto both pieces of the wire. Cross both ends of the wire again, while wrapping the wire once around the hair clip to hold everything in place.

Continue threading a bead and then wrapping the wire, until you reach the rubber ends of the pin. Wrap the wire around the end a few times to secure it. Snip off any excess wire.

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Cut a length of ribbon a few inches longer than the headband. Glue the end of the ribbon to one end of the headband. If you want to use two different colours of ribbon, glue the ends of both ribbons together and then glue the area where they are attached together to the headband.

Wrap the ribbon tightly around the headband. Secure it with glue at the other end. If you are using two different ribbons, wind the ribbons alternatively around the headband, in a criss-cross pattern.

Glue flower shapes,available from craft shops,onto the top of the headband, slightly off-centre. If you prefer, choose other shapes or embellishements that appeal to you.

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Select a large button and sew it onto an elastic hair band.

Glue a slightly smaller button onto the top of the first button. Ideally, this second button should be a different shape from the first one.

Glue a third, even smaller, button to the top of the previous one. For extra detail, glue a small piece of fabric or felt in between each button. Cut the fabric into interesting shapes, such as flowers or stars.

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