How to Find Out Who Lives on Your Street

If you are new to a neighbourhood or have not yet had a chance to meet all of your neighbours, it is easy to find out who lives on your street. Many neighbours are willing to meet and mingle with those who live around them, and sometimes they become close friends. In some neighbourhoods, though, meeting and mingling is discouraged because people want their privacy, or knocking on strangers' doors is potentially dangerous. By introducing yoursel,f or by utilising the resources of the internet, you can quickly find out exactly who lives on your street.

Go out and introduce yourself. Explain that you live in the neighbourhood and would like to meet other neighbours. Let them know where you live, and tell them a little bit about yourself. The chances are high that if you tell them about yourself, they will do the same. If you don't feel safe introducing yourself to your neighbours or would like to give them their privacy, skip this step.

Call 411 or visit 411 is an information directory that allows you to find people or businesses. allows you to find out, for free, who lives at an address by placing a reverse address search. is not an infallible resource and will sometimes produce results that are out of date.

Utilise public records to find out more information about people who live on your street. Public records such as property tax information and traffic violations are available at your local city hall or municipal court. You can search for sex offenders in your neighbourhood by visiting

Consider pay-for-search websites. Websites such as allow customers to find information about a person by searching their name or their address. You to pay a small fee to gain information about people, including their phone number and previous addresses.

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