How to Make a Bottle Trap for a Snake

Having a pet snake can be fun and exciting. It is best for you and your snake to make sure its cage is secure and he cannot find his way out. If your snake does find a way to escape, however, there are several methods you can try to catch him.

One easy method for thinner snakes is the bottle trap, which uses supplies you already have around the house and takes little effort to prepare.

Empty the soda bottle and clean it well. Discard the bottle top.

Using a sharp knife, puncture the bottle 3 inches below the neck. Use scissors to cut the rest of the way around. Poke several small holes in the bottom half of the bottle to act as vents to allow the scent to escape. Set both pieces aside.

Cut 15 to 20 strips from the piece of cardboard. Each strip should be about 2 inches in length. Attach the strips along the opening of the bottle where the lid would go. Once completed, it will look like a funnel with the strips being the long spout. The strips will overlap each other slightly.

Place your snake's favourite dead treat in the bottom of the bottle.

Put the top of the bottle into the bottom of the bottle. Insert it so the neck is inside. The strips will be pointed towards the bottom of the bottle. Tape the two pieces together.

Place the bottle on its side in an area you think your snake might be hiding. Try hiding the bottle under a couch or behind a door where it is dark and has little to no foot traffic. Check your trap daily.