How to Wrap a Linen Napkin Around a Champagne Bottle

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Champagne got its name from the region of France that finessed the sparkling wine. Through the years, wine producers have found various ways to introduce sparkle to this sweet and sometimes dry drink. Part of the enjoyment of champagne is the presentation.

Pouring champagne into tall, fluted glasses and using the traditional white linen napkin are part of this luxurious experience. Since champagne is served after being chilled in ice water, a napkin is needed to wipe away the excess water from the bottle. Once you're ready to pour the drink, you'll need to wrap the bottle.

Wipe the neck of the champagne bottle with one of the linen napkins. This will clean the bottle neck before pouring it.

Open the champagne by removing the foil and the wire around the bottle. Wrap the linen napkin around the top of the bottle. Twist the napkin over the bottle, turning it counter clockwise.

Grasp the cork and twist it out holding the bottle at a 45 degree angle. Using a napkin will prevent the cork or champagne from flying out of the bottle.

Open the napkin, fully spreading it out on a table. Place the champagne bottle in the centre of the napkin. Pull up the sides of the napkin gathering it around the neck.

Serve the champagne, holding the wrapped bottle as you pour the liquid into the glasses.