How to recycle beer bottle caps

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If you want to enjoy a bottled beer, the first thing you do is remove the cap. You may dispose of it in your dustbin as you would any other lid or covering, when you finish with the beer. But you may want to recycle the glass bottle. If you do, you might find it interesting to know that you can also recycle beer bottle caps.

Collect your bottle caps and bring them to the recycling centre whenever you take your bottles and any other material you wish to recycle. As bottle caps are made of metal, you can recycle them alongside your aluminium and tin cans.

Reuse your bottle caps for decorative or artistic purposes. If you drink a lot of beer, for instance, you could save all your bottle caps for several months, then cover the entire surface of a small table with them, using hot glue to adhere. In addition to providing an eclectic look, the table will reflect your passion for the beverage to anyone who visits your home.

Save your bottles and their caps. If you don't drink a lot of beer -- or if you do and just have a lot of space -- you might save both bottles and caps and use them for their original purpose, holding liquid. So long as they're not severely bent, bottle caps can be popped right back onto the bottle, although they may not hold as securely.

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