How to make blinds from wallpaper

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Don't throw away the unused portion of your wallpaper. Use it to make blinds for your home. Leftover remnants of wallpaper can be used to make matching blinds. There is no sewing involved, so they are very easy to make. This project can be completed in less than an hour. Make several blinds to cover all of the windows in your room.

Measure the width of the window with a measuring tape. Cut a piece of wallpaper of the same width as the window and 1.5 m (61 inches) long with a pair of scissors. If a wider piece is needed, cut two pieces and join them in the back with tape.

Fold the bottom edge. Place the edge along the centre of the piece of wallpaper and press along the bottom to crease the paper.

Pull the paper between the centre and the crease and make a loop with it. Turn the wallpaper over and place a piece of tape along the seam without crushing the loop.

Pull the middle of the top panel upwards to create a loop. Measure 10 cm (4 inches) from the top and fold to crease. Tape along the fold on the backside of the wallpaper without crushing the loops.

Measure the width of the blind to locate the centre point. Choose a shape for the bottom edge and draw it on the backside of the wallpaper with a pencil. Cut the wallpaper to the centre point. Place the trimmed piece on the opposite side and cut along the edge to create a symmetrical cut.

Tape a dowel rod along the bottom edge on the backside of the wallpaper to stabilise the blind. Place a dowel rod vertically in the centre of the back. Place the rod 5 cm (2 inches) below the top of the blind.

Fold the bottom edge and top edge together and crease the fold. Fold over the top edge to make a pocket. Place a piece of metal measuring tape inside the pocket and use tape to close the pocket.

Attach desired decorative trim with glue. Hang the blind with a tension rod inserted into the pocket or with magnetic tape.

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