How to do etching on plastic champagne flutes

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It is not difficult to create a one-of-a-kind look on your plastic champagne glasses for your wedding day, holiday or other special event. Etching the plastic champagne flutes yourself is one way to create an expensive-looking champagne flute without spending extra money.

A well-etched pair of plastic champagne flutes makes a nice wedding present for the bride and groom to be. The design on the flutes could include wedding bands, the bride and groom's name or the date of the wedding.

Wash the champagne flutes with warm, soapy water and then dry them with a soft, clean towel. This will ensure that there is no dirt or spots on the flutes before you attempt to place a design on them.

Place a clear square of vinyl plastic onto the plastic champagne glass. This will allow you to draw out the design that you want to place on the glass after you have made your stencil. It will give you a guide as you apply the etching cream.

Trace your design onto a piece of stencil paper. Place a picture of what you want under the stencil paper and it will show up enough so you can draw it. Cut out the design using craft scissors or a craft knife so you have a finished piece to use as a stencil.

Place the stencil on the plastic champagne flute so that it is positioned over the vinyl and use tape to hold it in place. This will give you a place to carve out the vinyl and you will be able to use the vinyl as a guide for your etching cream.

Carve out the design with a craft knife and remove the inner portion of vinyl from your glass so that you have a vinyl stencil in place after you carve the design.

Remove the stencil and the tape from the plastic champagne flute glass so that only the vinyl remains on the glass.

Apply etching cream to the entire area. The etching cream will remain on the plastic champagne flute for a few minutes (between 2 and 10 minutes depending on the cream's directions.)

Remove the vinyl after you have applied the etching cream and you will see the shape of the design you want.

Wipe away any excess cream that wandered outside of the stencilled shape and allow the glass to dry.