How to Start a Phone Chat Line

A phone chat line allows callers to listen to others' profiles, send private messages and even chat live in a group setting. Typical customers are men, though women do participate regularly. Phone chat lines are often used as a method of meeting new people and building relationships. Some are even used for phone sex.

A phone chat line owner must establish a solid plan first before launching the service for use.

Write a business plan. Specify what your goal is and how you will reach that goal. Plan for unexpected events and describe how you will handle common problems, such as low call volume.

Establish a budget. By setting a budget, you will know how much you can spend on the different aspects of starting a phone chat line, such as advertising.

Purchase service for a phone chat line. Sites such as offer packages that include unlimited minutes and unlimited lines.

Set up the system greeting and menu options. Be sure to address the rules of the chat line and any special information that callers must know.

Build a website to advertise your chat line. Be sure to use targeted keywords in order to bring in visitors from popular search engines.

Place ads in newspapers, magazines and other print publications. The options range from ordinary text ads to large, graphic ads.

Consider TV advertising. Commercials targeted to certain types of callers, such as men, can boost the volume of calls that your chat line receives.

Monetise your chat line. Sell advertising spots to other businesses or offer premium services such as private messaging for a fee.