How to Choose a Drag Queen Name

Drag queens are known for their larger-than-life personalities and performances. Making a statement as a worthy entertainer means ensuring that your name is on everyone's lips. There's no better way to do this than choosing a memorable name.

Let the world know of know of your high spirits and sense of humor with a clever drag queen name.

Survey the landscape of taken names. Spark your creativity by viewing the trendy names used by past and present stars. Search for the most unique names to find what makes them so appealing. Keep a running list of your favorite names to aide in your ultimate selection. Avoid choosing a name that sounds too much like those of rival stars. This could cause discord, especially if you're competing for the same bookings.

Outline the traits that define your stage persona. Make an honest list, as it's essential to match your name to your usual behaviors. For example, boisterous personalities may be stifled by plain names. Ask for input from friends and followers to ensure you're not missing any essential characteristics.

Try twisting defining phrases into witty monikers. For example, combine loud and proud to create the southern belle stage name Laudin Proud. Consider mocking situations, others or yourself with amusing names. Examples include Miss Diagnosed, Snow White Trash and Sybil Rights. Paying homage to your personal heroes is also possible as evidenced by clever names like Boyonce and Christina Draguilera. Let creativity rule, as routine names are best left for birth certificates.

Alter your given name to fit your purpose. This can leave you with a name that signifies your ability for the quick change, without the need for high drama. Make your alterations as simple or as complex as the situation requires. Examples include going from Paul Armstrong in the day to Paula Strong-Arm at night, or simply switching from Chris to Christina.

"Try on" the potential names. Make sure that you feel comfortable responding to any name prior to choosing it. Although you're free to change names at will, doing so could confuse your fan base. It can also make you appear flighty and unprepared. Get honest opinions from close friends and trusted drag queens before settling on a name.