How to Make a Weave Closure and Sew It Into Hair

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You always want to have your weave look as natural as possible, especially if you are using the technique to lengthen your hair. To do this at home and save money by not going to a salon, you can follow a few basic steps to create a weave without the detection of any tracks.

There's no reason that you cannot make a weave closure and sew it into your hair to get a salon style right at home.

Sew tracks of weave hair to braided hair to create the shape of a circle. Place the circle on your head where you plan to install your closure. Make the circle as big as the top of the tip of your middle finger.

Roll up the track of weave hair to fit inside the circle. Use a hair needle and thread to sew up the ends of the circle. Cut the tread and tie it up to close it together.

Flip the sewn circle to the other side and separate the hair on all sides. Lay the hair down flat. Place the hot iron in the middle to flatten the hair down. Make sure that the track stays flat and is natural looking. Apply the hot iron for about a minute at no more than 121 degrees Celsius.