How to Fold a Bandana Around Your Neck

Dave Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Regardless of gender, a bandanna can make a practical and fashionable statement to anyone who wears it. Although there are several ways to wear a bandanna, the most common method is by folding it around your neck in a scarf-like method.

Whether you are wearing it as part of a cowboy costume or for other casual purposes, a simple fold and knot can make any bandanna a fashionable accessory.

Take two opposite corners of the bandanna and fold them together so the two corners meet, creating a triangle.

Wrap the two other corners of the bandanna around your neck with the tip of the triangle pointing down at your chest.

Knot the loose ends of the bandanna. If the loose ends of your bandanna are long enough to wrap around to the front of your neck, the knot should be tied in the front. If the ends of the bandanna are too short to wrap around comfortably, tie the knot in the back.