How to Paint a Ceiling With Sky & Clouds

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Painting your ceiling to resemble a sky with clouds is not a difficult process. You do not have to possess any artistic talents to do this painting project. The sky and clouds will give the room a restful, serene look. You don't have to buy faux finishing kits to accomplish this artwork; a few basic supplies from a paint or home supply store are all you will need to quickly give the room a tranquil ambience.

Dust your ceiling and corners so they are free of cobwebs and dust.

Use painter's tape along the edge where the ceiling and wall meets so that you do not get blue paint on the walls.

Paint the ceiling a solid blue using the paintbrush and paint roller with the blue paint. Use the paintbrush around the edges of the ceiling where it meets the wall. Use short, tidy strokes to avoid getting blue paint on the wall area. Fill in the rest of the ceiling with the roller for the quickest coverage.

Allow the ceiling paint to dry thoroughly, according to the directions on the paint can. It may be necessary to add another coat if it did not cover the area well.

Pour one part white latex paint and four parts faux glaze into the paint tray. Use a paint stick to mix the two products.

Hold your sea sponge under running water and then wring it out so that it is damp.

Dip the sea sponge into the faux paint mixture and test it out on a large piece of cardboard. This allows you to experiment with the cloud shapes and to determine how hard to press the sea sponge. A light touch is recommended to get the most airy, transparent look for the clouds.

Press the sea sponge lightly in the places you want your clouds. Be sure to step back several feet occasionally to see the overall effect and help you determine where to place more clouds.

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly, and remove the painter's tape.

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