How to Decorate a Wedding Cake With Fresh Fruit

Susan McG

There are limitless ways to decorate the wedding cake for that big day. This article illustrates how to decorate a wedding cake with fresh fruit, making it more healthful, beautiful and delicious all in one.

Frost the whole cake with a base coat of white frosting.

Make your fruit selection. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries (pitted) and blackberries are the most common.

Halve any of the larger fruits, such as the strawberries and some raspberries.

Arrange the mixed fruit on the bottom ledge of each cake layer. Press this layer gently into the frosting to ensure a stable base, keeping all the fruit put on top of this layer from rolling off.

Scatter the fruit along the ledges on top of the base layers, maintaining the mixture. Be careful not to rupture any of the berries. Their juice could seep into the frosting and sour both the frosting and the cake.

If no cake topper is being added, make a bottom layer of fruit on the top of the cake, pressing each piece gently into the frosting to ensure stability.

Pile the remaining mixed fruit on the top of the cake, staggering the fruit more toward the centre axis to reduce the risk of the fruit rolling off. It is advisable not to make the pile higher than 5 inches.

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