Making 2 twin beds into a king size

Twin bedroom image by Nicola Gavin from

Joining two twin beds together to make a king size bed is not only easy, it is ideal for creating a larger bed without the investment of buying a brand new one. Joining together two twin beds is also the perfect solution if a larger bed frame will not fit inside your door.

King size beds already come with twin size box springs. The only difference is in the size of the top mattresses. Purchasing a Create-A-King kit provides you with everything you need to create a king size bed out of two twins.

Purchase a Create-A-King kit (see Resources below).

Attach the large Velcro belt all the way around both twin size mattresses.

Secure the snap-shut buckle on the end of the Velcro so it tightly holds the two beds together.

Place the 8-inch wide sheepskin centre strip down the middle of the beds to eliminate the crack.

Attach both ends of the sheepskin pad to the Velcro strips on each side.

Lay a king size mattress pad and a sheet over the bed to hide the fact that there are two twin mattresses.