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How to Buy a Jockstrap

Whether you need a jockstrap for protection or extra support, keep comfort in mind when you go to buy one. Try on jockstraps made in different materials and styles to find one that works best for you.

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  1. Use a jock strap for protection. Choose an athletic supporter with either a soft or hard cup insert to keep safe from injury during sports activities.

  2. Swim with a swimmers jock strap. Use this sleeker version of a jock strap under your swimwear for added support.

  3. Spice things up for you and your partner with a sexy jock strap. Choose either a mesh pouch, a lace up or snap closure or go for a thong jock strap.

  4. Enhance your outward appearance with a padded jock strap. Make a great impression with a bit of strategically placed extra fullness.

  5. Tip

    Jock straps are available in sizes small, medium and large. Ensure your jock strap fits comfortably and that the straps aren't too tight across the backside. Watch for jock straps called suspensories. These jock straps provide a pouch, but only offer support to the testicles because of a hole sewn into the front of the pouch. You can use a swimmers jock strap under swimwear as small as a Speedo.

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