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How to Make a Plant Cell Model

Cells work together to perform living functions in the animal and plant worlds. Models help scientists show how a science concept works. Here's how to build a model that can demonstrate how the plant cell works.

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  1. List and gather possible materials needed for the plant cell model. Find the parts of a particular plant cell in a biology textbook or borrow a library book. Common parts to plant cells include the cell wall, cell membrane, chlorophyll and nucleus.

  2. Construct a base for the model. A heavy sturdy wooden base works best. This will hold the weight of the plant cell model. The base helps presentation of the plant cell model too.

  3. Build the nucleus. A cell nucleus should be round. A tennis ball or other ball works as a nucleus. Paint the nucleus one color to help identify it as a cell part.

  4. Attach the nucleus to the base using a dowel rod or thick, straight stick. Drill a hole into the wooden base and glue the dowel rod into place. Then attach the nucleus to the rod.

  5. Add a cell wall and a cell membrane. Plant cells have two different walls that give it a rectangular shape. The outer wall is a cell wall and is made of a harder material. It's what gives plants more protection. Use hard plastic or wood to represent the cell wall. Use cellophane or thin plastic for the cell membrane. Attach the cell wall and membrane to the nucleus and base.

  6. Put in several other key components of a plant cell. Chlorophyll is a plant cell body that gives the plant cell its green color. Make a chlorophyll part by using a piece of green fabric and stuff it with cotton or other stuffing material. Sew it up and attach it to the plant cell model.

  7. Write a report on the plant cell and the cell parts. Identify which function each plant cell part performs.

  8. Tip

    Paint the cell wall and other plant cell parts green. Each of these parts could be painted different shades of green to show the different parts.

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