How to Make Your Own Topiary Frame


Making your own topiary frames is a great way to personalise your yard and garden. These living sculptures create a focal point in your landscape and add height and style to your yard. Whether you are looking for a simple design to show off your plants or you are interested in a more elaborate sculpture, the basics are the same. With a little time and effort you can build a frame for any design you desire.

Select a basic design. If you are making an animal or person, begin with the body.

Use wire cutters to cut chicken wire to the appropriate size for your sculpture. Wear protective gloves to prevent injury to your hands; cut chicken wire has sharp points and can easily pierce unprotected skin.

Form the basic shape by bending the wire. You can use your hands for the overall shape, but may need pliers to make small adjustments. Twist the loose ends to the wire frame to secure the form. Remember to leave an opening as you will need to fill the frame with growing medium.

Make legs, arms, ears and other details with small sections of chicken wire and attach to the frame with wire.

Cover the topiary frame with sheet moss that has been soaked in water soluble fertiliser. Secure into place with fishing line. Add a mixture of equal parts soil-free growing medium and sphagnum moss.

Insert the root ball of plants through the moss and into the growing mixture. Pin vining plants, like ivies, to the surface with floral pins to encourage root formation. Trim plants regularly to maintain shape.

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