Why did my electric blanket stop working?

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Electric blankets help keep beds warm on cold winter nights. If your electric blanket has stopped suddenly working, check a few things on the blanket and controller before contacting the manufacturer for a replacement, or purchasing a new product.

Power Supply

Check the all the connections between the wall, the plug at the base of the blanket, and then again from the top of the blanket for the controller. Look for cord damage, such as bends, frays or chew marks that interrupt the power supply. Check the circuit breaker for tripped lines.

Timer Setting

Modern electric blankets come equipped with an automatic shut-off switch, which turns the electric blanket off after 12 hours from the last adjustment. This feature helps prevent fires and conserve energy. Cycle through the settings to reset the timer, which should start the heating process again.

Bent Wires

Take proper care of your blanket during washing and storage. Avoid bending the wires inside the blanket by making sharp folds, or placing heavy objects on top of it. Bending the wires and coils inside the blanket damages the performance of your blanket. Most manufacturers suggest hand washing and air-drying the blanket for longest life.


Check controllers for stripped parts or stuck buttons, which may impact blanket performance. Contact the manufacturer in the case of defective controllers, which are not repairable.

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