Fun Facts on Flower Petals

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Every separate flower petal, with its own shape, size, colour and scent, helps to form one complete flower. Besides being beautiful, flower petals have other uses.


Some flower petals are edible; however, before you pop a petal into your mouth, make certain a reputable source lists it as edible. Carnations, mums, dandelions and day lilies are a few of the edible varieties for flowers, according to What's Cooking America. Petals from different flowers will have their own taste, ranging from sweet to spicy or tangy.

Fun Fact

The first Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade was in 1890; from that day forward, flower petals have been used to cover the floats. Leaves, seeds and bark are used as fillers; however, flower petals cover the bulk of each float. Every float uses more flowers than a standard florist uses in five years, according to the Tournament of Roses website.


You can turn dried flower petals and spices into a fragrant, attractive potpourri decoration. Pull the petals from the flower as they dry and allow the petals to dry completely. Add a spice stick and the petals in a glass jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar and fluff the potpourri occasionally to stir the scent.

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