Double bed vs. king size

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Purchasing a new bed represents a big decision. If you're choosing between a double bed and a king-size bed, consider your personal space requirements, the size of the bedroom and your budget.

Double beds

Double beds, also called full beds, measure 135 cm (54 inches) wide and 190 cm (76 inches) long. Double beds are comfortable for one person, but two people may feel cramped because each person only has about 67.5 cm (27 inches) of space. However, double beds are less expensive than king-size beds and easily fit in most rooms.

King-size beds

King-size beds measure 150 cm (60 inches) wide by 200 cm (80 inches) long, which is 15 cm (6 inches) wider and 10 cm (4 inches) longer than a double bed. These beds comfortably hold two people. However, king-size beds cost much more than double beds, and they may not fit into smaller rooms. In addition, it can be difficult to move king-size mattresses up the stairs, so check whether the mattress bends.


If a double bed feels cramped, but you don't think a king-size bed will be big enough, consider a super king, or queen-sized bed, which measures 180 cm (72 inches) wide by 200 cm (80 inches) long.

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