Hairstyles From the 1910s

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The 1910s was an era of in-between, of slowly changing ideas about industry, economy and, of course, fashion. Hairstyles were a large part of this era's transition. They reflected the ideas of an emerging society that still held onto links from the past.

Hairstyles for Women

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Large hats were in vogue for women in the 1910s, but they topped even bigger hair. Women's hair was generally thick and pinned high on the head. It had to be elaborately styled to show underneath the large hats. Thick hair was often created by using hairpieces and fake braids. A popular styling instrument was the Marcel waving iron, which was heated and used to shape hair into gentle waves that were arranged about the face.

The Pompadour for Women

In the 1910s, the pompadour was a popular style for women, answering the need for elegant simplicity in a changing world. The hair is swept back from the forehead, combed high, then pulled back to form a sort of "V" shape. Form the back into a roll. Pin it in place where it is twisted. Pull this back over the head so point lies in the back of the head. Then, push everything forward. Hair clips can be used to hold hair into place.

Hairstyles for Men

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In the 1910s, actor Lon Chaney wore the decade's classic men's haircut that is still favoured today, though with some modern touches. He wore his hair short and clipped, slicked back, and with a neat side part. The key is a short, neat haircut slicked back from the face, although rarely some men wore a sort of pompadour style.

How to Achieve a 1910s Men's Hairstyle

Start with a clean slate and wash and condition your hair. Use a large amount of hair gel, working it gently throughout your hair with your fingers. If you have a comb with a long tail, start at the middle of your right eye and use the long tail to drag back your hair until an even side part is created. If you do not have a long-tailed styling comb, use a wide-tooth comb to create the same effect, though it takes a little longer. Comb the back of your hair down and the sides back. Allow to dry naturally.