DIY Makeup Light Mirror

If you have ever had to apply your make-up by leaning over the bathroom sink or squishing yourself amongst other women in a restaurant bathroom, you probably understand why the appropriate lighting is important to a beautiful make-up application. To help avoid these kinds of situations, consider transforming your own mirror into a lighted one. Below are some tips to get you started.

Mirror and Lighting Basics

Stop at your local hardware store, and pick out a piece of glass that goes with the room where it will be used. This will be your mirror, and the lighting will be adhered around it. To make adhering lighting to your mirror, find one with a square shape, as opposed to round. Most light fixtures are rectangular in shape, and this will allow for easy assembly.

Ideally, make-up should be applied under natural light. Since natural light is not always available, use coated bulbs, which give off a softer light than the usual harsh, fluorescent bulb. A dimmer switch is also helpful to see your face in different brightness of light and give you a better idea of what your make-up looks like.

Finding Your Fixtures

When looking in your make-up mirror, you want the lighting to be as close to the mirror as possible, along the sides to properly highlight your face, and at eye level to give you easy viewing. Wall sconces are great fixtures to use when creating the light for your mirror for several reasons. There are prices for every budget; starting around £32 and going to £130 and above. They can also easily fit with any mirror and bathroom or bedroom design.

If wall sconces are a bit too expensive for you, a less expensive option would be to use strip lighting, which is the type you may see on a dressing room mirror. While not as nice as wall sconces, you can use a strip for each side of the mirror, and even one along the top if you desire. Just make sure to use coated bulbs for the soft lighting you need to properly see your face.

Attaching the Mirror and Light

For wall sconces, you want to attach them to the wall closest to your mirror. Test the lighting before you adhere it, and make sure the wall placement is ideal for your face. For strip lighting, the strip can be adhered directly onto the sides of the mirror. Super glue is a great adhesive, as it is light, yet strong. Otherwise, find the wall placement that is ideal for the location of your mirror, as with the wall sconces.

As long as the lighting placement is in the area that highlights your face the best, and uses soft lighting, you can be sure that you have the make-up lighting you need to look your best.

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