Get Well Cards for Kids to Make

Updated February 21, 2017

Children will enjoy making a handmade get well cards to cheer someone who is ill. This is also a good way to teach them how a simple act of kindness is appreciated. Give them a few blank cards, some decorative paper and a variety of embellishments and markers. In an hour, they can create special cards with their own little hands.


Purchase white card stock at office supply stores, and cut them on a paper cutter to 10-inch-by-7-inch pieces. When folded in half, they become 5-inch-by-7-inch blank cards ready for kids to decorate. A-7 standard size envelopes will fit the cards. Other supplies can include pieces of decorative, printed and textured papers cut smaller than 5-by-7 inches, to make it easy for young kids to use for the front of their cards. Adults and older kids can cut hearts in different sizes and pictures out of paper for children to choose in their designs. Also have glue sticks, safety scissors, markers, buttons, ribbons, tiny flowers and stickers on hand. For young children, adults can write "Get Well Soon" or "Hope You Feel Better" on small pieces of card stock to glue on the card.

Making Get Well Cards

Give each child one or two blank cards and let him choose several decorative papers (pre-cut for small children), images, stickers and other decorations. Adults may suggest how to arrange them on the card before gluing them on, starting with larger pieces than adding smaller ones. A hot glue gun may be needed (used by an adult only) to secure items on the card, such as buttons, flowers or other decorations. Children who can write can use markers to write "Get Well Soon" or other messages on the outside or inside of the card, then sign it, insert it into the envelope and write the name of the person the card was made for.

A Few Suggestions

The age of the child creating the get well card will determine how much adult help she may want or need. Kids love to cut, glue and make something in a fairly short time. Adults are there to encourage the children in their creativity, help them with making decisions in materials and design and guide them toward completing a project.

Excellent themed and decorative papers for making cards are available for free in expired wallpaper sample books available at home decor shops or home improvement stores.

Keep a craft box handy to collect papers and decorative items for kids' card projects.

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