Scotchgard Couch Cleaning

Updated February 21, 2017

No matter where you purchase your new living room couch, the salesperson is bound to ask you, "Would you like your couch Scotchgarded?" Considering you just forked over a large sum of money for a couch that may not last due to the destruction caused by pets and children, you have to ask yourself, "Is Scotchgard worth it in the long run?" Despite such questioning, according to Idea Marketing, Scotchgard has become a household name and a trusted product used for over 50 years.

Can You Apply Scotchgard Yourself?

If you go to any home supply store, you will see an array of Scotchgard products, making you think that you can save a few bucks by applying the product yourself rather than paying the service fee of having it done professionally. This, unfortunately, is not the best choice. In almost every case, according to Professor's House, Scothgard's unsatisfied customers are those who have applied it themselves. The difference isn't only in the way it is applied but in the difference in the chemical's concentration. The Scotchgard applied by professionals is more concentrated than those sold in stores to ensure customer satisfaction. Because of the heavy duty Scotchgard's effective results, the drawback of paying more to have it professionally applied is still advantageous in the long run.

How Scotchgard Works

In the 1950s, 3M developed a fluorochemical spray that when applied to fabric, repels liquids. When the chemical is evenly and adequately distributed, it serves as a protective casing that surrounds each fibre of the fabric. This means that when a liquid, oil or water-based, spills onto the treated fabric, it won't soak into the fibres but instead sits on the surface, preventing staining. Even if spills aren't a common occurrence in your household, the Teflon-like barrier also prevents normal wear and tear from affecting the quality of your couch's fabric.

Using Scotchgard

When it comes to spills, many people make the misconception that Scotchgard allows them to never have to clean their couch. Scotchgard does repel liquids, but in all actuality, its purpose is to buy the owner a little time to grab a rag and soak up the stain before it sets in. If you use Scotchgard appropriately, maintain your couch and realise what Scotchgard is intended for, you will be more satisfied with Scotchgard's performance.

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