What Color to Paint a Bedroom With Black Furniture?

Updated April 17, 2017

A bedroom with black furniture will provide you many decorating options when deciding which colour to paint the walls. Consider the colour of your furniture as a base; then determine which colour will best compliment it. Since black goes pretty much with any other colour, your choice will depend on the type of mood you want to create for your bedroom, much of what will be driven by your personal taste.

Determine Your Theme

First, decide whether you want to stick with other neutral tones, or if you want to have an earth-toned pattern, bold colours or a creative flair. Determine if you desire an energetic feel, a sophisticated look or a more casual, cosy feel. Also, take into consideration the colour of your flooring. The few colours that you should avoid are dark brown, navy blue, dark purple or dark green, although lighter versions of these colours will be very eye-appealing in a bedroom with black furniture. If your goal is to neutralise the appearance of black furniture so it doesn’t stand out so much, you can paint the walls in a slightly darker shade of a colour like medium blue or purple, but not so dark that it becomes pointless. This will minimise the bold contrast that would otherwise be apparent.

Colour Variations

Black furniture against even plain white walls can have a dramatic effect, whether this black and white combination is offset by other white accessories like rugs and pillows, black and white photographs framed in black, or flowers, but especially if the combination is sprinkled with a splash of colour—practically any colour.

A tropical theme is also a possibility depending on the rest of the accessories you work with. Earth tones such as tan, dark reds and soft greens are another option.

For more creative types, black bedroom furniture will also fit in well with vivid colours like red, various shades of blue or even lime green for a high-energy feel. You might need to offset this bold theme with more neutral colours like shades of tan or cream to keep the boldness from overwhelming you. Another option is to paint just one wall a bold colour and paint the other walls a more subtle colour. Red, bright orange and electric blue used on bedroom walls has been said to be overly stimulating for a room that’s supposed to be used for sleeping—among other activities, but if this is the mood you want to create, it’s certainly a matter of choice.

Bear in mind that certain moods are definitely triggered by particular colours. According to design industry advice provided on, purple signifies royalty, luxury and wisdom. It is also a sign of spirituality and enlightenment. Green can come across as a symbol of nature, but it is also said to invite prosperity. Since it brings forth a calming affect it can create an environment of relaxation. Blue also brings forth a sense of peace and relaxation, tranquillity and harmony. Because it’s a prominent colour of the ocean and the sky, it’s also considered a calming colour. Teal or turquoise would fall into this same tranquil and tropical category and when used with black creates an elegant but comfortable setting.

Pastels—pink, peach, baby blue or soft yellow—are all pleasant, subtle ways to offset black furniture, especially if accessorised with items that include both colours.


The key in making it a successful combination is to remember that the colour of the walls is just one accessory used to create the ideal setting in your bedroom. Whatever colour you choose to paint the walls, the rest of your accessories need to equally compliment the entire theme. This will help create the sanctuary that a bedroom is meant to be.

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