Do it yourself carport kit

Updated December 21, 2016

A do-it-yourself carport kit is a good way to get your vehicle out of the elements. A basic carport can protect your vehicle from sun damage, hail and snow as well as storms. A carport kit is relatively simple to erect. With a bit of help from some friends, you can easily build this simple garage in a day.

Choose Your Carport Design

Check with your local building codes office to make sure this type of garage structure is legal in your area. You may also need to check with your local neighbourhood association before you erect a carport.

Determine what vehicle or vehicles you plan to house under the carport. If you plan to garage a motor home or other oversized vehicle under your new carport, you need to allow ground space for it.

Measure to see if an available carport kit is going to fit into your space. Consider if the carport, especially a taller one for a recreational vehicle, is going to obstruct views. Also look overhead to make sure the carport isn't going to interfere with wiring or trees.

Pick the type of roof you want for your carport. Flat and gabled styles are popular but there are other options. You can select the thickness or gauge of the metal in the roof. You can often choose from a variety of colours for the metal fascia trim and the roof itself.

Lay the Base for Your Garage

You can anchor your carport kit in a number of ways. You can set preformed concrete for the corners and other designated support spots of your carport. You anchor these with metal anchors in the ground. Concrete poured over the anchored base rails is another option. A third option is to use a Mantra Ray ground anchor drilled deep into the ground. This anchor has a threaded top that you attach to the base rails.

Erect the Carport Kit

Set all the pieces of the carport out so they are easy to access. Carefully read the assembly directions that come with the garage.

Attach the ground rails to the anchors. Put the upright posts into their proper location in the ground rails.

Put the pieces of the truss together. Some kits come with trusses already assembled. Set the truss in place making sure it is secure on the upright posts. Connect all the support pieces and braces that come with the kit.

Finish the carport by adding the metal that forms its roof. Attach the fascia trim or the sides.

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