Mounting Instructions for a Rhode Gear Bike Rack

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There are numerous automobile bike racks available on the market that allow cyclists to easily transport their bikes to trail heads and other locations. However, many racks may require a rack system or hitch for mounting purposes. Boot mount racks are a good choice for those who do not want to purchase an expensive rack system or receiver hitch. The Rhode Gear boot rack is one such option for riders seeking an easy-to-use, self-contained rack unit.

Place the rack's U-shaped supports on your boot and adjust them to fit the contour of your car by loosening the yellow knobs on either side of the carrier. Once the supports feel balanced and secure, tighten the knobs by turning in a clockwise direction to secure them in place.

Locate the upper hooks attached to the rack's nylon straps. Pull the hooks forward and attach to the edge of the boot lid just below the car's rear window. Pull the lower hooks down and attach to the edge of the boot lid that will typically be near the number plate. Adjust the tension on the straps with the sliding nylon buckles so that the rack is secure and the lower U-support is located just above the number plate.

Pull the side hooks to the left and right and attach to both edges of the boot lid. Adjust the nylon buckles on the side straps so that they are tight. Check the position of the Rhode Gear rack to make sure it is centred on the boot and the lower U-support is still just above the number plate. Pull all straps tight.

Position the bike support arms so they are horizontal to the ground. Turn the yellow knobs counter-clockwise to loosen, then tighten the knobs when the arm is properly positioned. Loosen only one yellow knob at a time to maintain the correct position of the upper and lower U-support on the boot lid. Double check that both knobs are tight when finished.

Load your bikes on the Rhode Gear boot rack so they sit securely on the support arms. Alternate the direction in which the bikes face to help balance the weight on the rack.

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