Brink Towbar Fitting Instructions

Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Tow bars allow cars and trucks to tow objects by anchoring to the rear underside of the vehicle and securing the hitch to the vehicle. Brink tow bars are made in the European market and for the cars that are sold there. Fitting your tow bar correctly will ensure the proper placement during installation. Brink is now operating under Thune Towing Systems and is the worldwide market leader in tow bars with over 1.7 million units produced. All tow bars should include fitting instructions, wiring diagram and all parts.

Remove the plastic cover plate in the centre of the underside by pulling out the clips that secure it to the underside of the vehicle. You will not need it anymore.

Remove the Towing Eye and release the exhaust from the rearmost exhaust rubber.

Remove the bumper and steel buffer beam from the vehicle to make fitting your Brink tow bar much easier. You will not need the Buffer beam anymore.

Attach the tow bar to the vehicle under and behind each back bumper with the threaded bolts and nuts provided with your tow bar.

Tighten all the nuts and bolts with the socket wrench to the torque required by the user's manual that came with your tow bar.

Replace the towing eye and place the exhaust back into the exhaust rubber.

Make the necessary cuts in your rear bumper with a saw as your user's manual recommends for a more seamless fit.

Fit the plastic cover plate in the centre of the underside.

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