Tips on Shaving Pubic Hair

Written by zachary fenell | 13/05/2017

Years ago the idea of shaving your pubic hair would have been considered absurd. These days though if you do not shave your pubic area your lover may look at you with disgust. Over the years shaving pubic hair has become an accepted practice for men and women. There are a few tips for shaving this area that can make the process smoother.


Without the proper tools your pubic area will be left irritated after shaving. Have a fresh razor blade, scissors or clippers, shaving cream, loofa, soap and asbestos free powder at your disposal (Reference 1). Using a fresh razor blade, instead of the same blade you use on other parts of your body, will decrease your chances of cutting yourself as you shave (Reference 3). The pubic area is sensitive so you will want to use shaving cream designed for sensitive skin. Having an asbestos free powder is very important. Shaving your pubic hair can leave your pubic area itchy. Powder can relieve the itchiness. However, a powder with asbestos can intensify the itching sensation and even cause infection (Reference 2).

The Process

Taking a warm bath before shaving is beneficial. The warm water makes shaving easier. In a seated or comfortable position trim the area first with scissors or clippers. Then cover the pubic area with shaving cream designed for sensitive skin. Use the razor blade to shave the hair. Shave in the same direction as the hair grows. When finished use a loofa and soap to clean the skin. To minimise itchiness powder the area with asbestos free powder.

Shaving your pubic hair will take some getting use to. Considering this you should ease into the practice. For the first month only shave once a week. Do not worry about getting the perfect shave either (Reference 1).


There are a number of benefits to shaving your pubic area. A shaved area is easier to maintain, decreasing body odour and improving personal hygiene. Being shaved is also likely to increase your sex appeal. For men shaving pubic hair is a natural way to increase the appearance of size. Shaving typically makes a man's penis look an inch or so larger (Reference 2).

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