How to make a stiff weave bouncy

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If you've chosen a lower grade of hair or you've been wearing your weave for a few weeks, you may have noticed that your hair has lost some of its bounce. Over time, dust and other airborne particles get caught in your weave and sweat builds up if you've been working out.

You can revive your weave with cleansing, conditioning and moisturising before replacing it is necessary.

Comb and paddle-brush your hair thoroughly before you hop into the shower. If any parts of your weave are tangled --- commonly the nape of the neck area --- comb them out completely. This will eliminate further tangling and help you in the post-shampoo detangling process.

Wash your hair. Start your rejuvenation process with a good old-fashioned shampoo. You may need to visit your salon stylist, depending on the technique used to install your weave or if you find that you lack the patience for combing it out once it's wet. Shampoo and rinse your weave thoroughly, and do this as many times as it takes to get your weave really clean.

Condition and dry your hair fully, checking to see if your hair is completely clean. You should notice a difference in the hair immediately. Not all synthetic hair may be washed, conditioned and have heat applied. If you do not have a human-hair weave, you may not be able to get the original bouncy look back into your synthetic 'do.

Apply a light moisturiser on the hair before you apply heat. Section out portions of the hair on which you will use either a flat iron or curling iron to begin styling. Use smaller sections instead of grabbing large hanks of hair to assist in achieving your light look as the hair will be curled or ironed in individual pieces, giving it room to move freely. Avoid using heavy hair products; if you must use a spritz or hairspray, use one with a light hold.

Comb and brush your hair to your desired style.