Hair Protein Treatment

Updated April 17, 2017

To repair brittle or damaged hair or spilt ends, a treatment needs to contain proteins. Hair is made primarily out of proteins. By using treatments that help rebuild these proteins, damaged hair can be repaired over time.

Consumable Treatments

A high-protein diet can stimulate hair growth. Foods that are recommended for hair growth include brewer's yeast, wheat germ, granulated lecithin, cow liver, low-fat cheese, eggs, fish, beans and yoghurt.

Soy proteins also contribute to hair growth. Not only do conditioners and serums with soy stimulate hair growth, but filling your diet with tofu or soy milk can also provide the same benefits.

Treating Brittle/Damaged Hair

Protein treatments that strengthen weak or brittle hair typically contain vitamin B5, antioxidant vitamins, wheat, soy and milk proteins that rebuild the hair's amino acids and improve its resilience against damage sustained from daily styling, chemicals and environmental factors. Available as washout or leave-in treatments, most of these products are for daily use.

Protein treatments to treat this brittle or damaged hair include Rusk Cure Vitamins & Protein Strengthening Treatment, Protein Rx Reparative Spray, Nioxon Intensive Therapy Weightless Reconstructive Masque and Therapro Volume Foaming Protein Treatment.

Treating Split Ends

Extreme conditioners are typically for daily use and contain vitamin E, soy and wheat proteins and fruit and spice oils to treat split ends. These leave-in or washout treatments work by moisturising and sealing the split ends. For hair damaged by chemical processes such as highlights, bleach, colour or perms, there are once-weekly and monthly serums and masks that repair the split ends, while preventing further damage.

Extreme conditioners with proteins that treat split ends include TIGI S-factor Serious Conditioner, Matrix Biolage Hydratherpie Hydra-Seal Leave-in Créme, Kadus Imunal Repair Energy Ends Balm, Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisturizer and Liquid Keratin Leave-in Conditioner.

In addition, hair serums and mask that treat split ends include Loreal Tecni Art Liss Control Plus, Korres Serum Rice Proteins and Matrix Sleek Sealing Serum.

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