How Do I Download Music to My Phone?

Updated April 17, 2017

Listening to music and talking on cell phones are everyday occurrences, and many people enjoy the freedom of being able to download music onto their phones and listen to it everywhere they go. You can download music to a phone a few different ways, including audio streaming, downloading directly to the phone or downloading through an outside company.

Streaming Music Downloads

Having your cell phone stream music, without actually storing the music on the phone, can help your cell phone run better. Less space on the phone is taken, there is more memory room for pictures, and the operating system runs more smoothly.

To stream music on your phone, connect your phone to the Internet. One of the more efficient music streamers is Pandora. Go to the website and download the mobile version. Once it is downloaded, go into the program and navigate through the set-up process. It will ask you for contact and location information. Once that is complete, you can set as many radio stations as you want by typing in the name of a song or an artist. Pandora will then play music it believes you like based on your original taste. The service is free for the first 40 hours per month; after that, you must purchase a subscription. Also, Pandora allows you to download the song you are listening to directly on to your phone for a nominal fee (usually 99 cents).

Cell Phone Download Service

Put music on your phone by using your phone company's download service (Verizon's is called the apps store, and other companies have names such as download centre). This application is preloaded on every phone and does not require an Internet connection. The phone is programmed to allow this application to let you browse individual songs or whole CDs to obtain the music in which you're interested. The charge for downloading from this service will be automatically billed to your cell phone services monthly bill. The cost per songs is usually 99 cents, but you might be able to get discounts or download coupons.

Website Song Download

Some websites offer song downloads that either go through your computer to your phone or are directly sent to your phone from the company's website. offers some songs as a free download (although they are typically not popular music choices). MTV also has a service where you can download ringtones or songs directly to your phone. These sites can charge anywhere from 25 cents to £1.30 per song downloaded.

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