Mid-Length Haircuts for Women 40 & Older

Updated April 17, 2017

Taking a big risk with your hair is something that never gets easier, no matter your age. Is 40 too young to go ultra-short but too old to keep those extra long locks? These days, there are no real rules when it comes to age and hair length; however, the shoulder or mid-length 'do is becoming more prominent on Hollywood starlets of a certain age and these are looks that should be imitated.

Just above the shoulders

A mid-length hairstyle is a great way to walk the fine line between young lady and experienced woman. A carefree, just above the shoulder cut can come across to others as playful but sophisticated. The easiness of a hairstyle like Maria Bello's allows those with wavy hair to embrace their hair in it's natural state.

This style also frames the face, but not in a dramatic way, allowing a feeling of lightness and a certain youthful swing without coming across as too young or wild. Go for light layers and if hair is naturally wavy let your hair style itself. This cut does work on both straight and curly hair.

Mid-length not middle age

If you have been attached to your long hair for years and have no urge to go short, don't worry. As the saying goes "40 is the new 30," and the sexiness of yesterday's long hair can be transformed into an even sexier mid-length, sleek style.

For years, Jennifer Lopez has been recognised just as much for her signature long locks as she has for her signature, killer body. When the entertainer turned 40 and chopped off her famous hair, the world noticed and in a good way. The sleek, straight style Lopez now dons is elegant and just as sexy.

This cut is lightly layered with a few face-framing pieces in the front. The style can be worn with more of a bang and is left just a tad longer grazing the shoulders a bit more, even falling just at the top of the shoulder blades like Kelly Preston's style.

Although the cut is great for most hair types, it is pulled off best when worn sleek and straight like Jada Pinkett Smith's. This look leaves hair a bit on the longer side than a "just above the shoulders" cut and can actually take years off your age.

Age with a bang

More and more often women of all ages are donning fringe. What's so fun about fringe is that there are so many ways they can be worn. Heavy, side swept, wispy-- there is no end to the ways a bang can be done.

Bangs are a great way to change up even the simplest hairstyle, and come with no expiration date and no age limit. Celebs like Sandra Bullock, Kate Walsh, and Mariska Hargitay prove that ageing with a "bang" is very in fashion.

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