Sixties Haircuts for Men

The 1960s featured hair fashions for men that took on a variety of cuts to reflect changing times. With much of the conservative older generation viewing long hair for men as subversive, '60s haircuts defined who you were, your politics and what music you liked. Since the '60s, men have been more experimental in hair cutting and styling, reflected by today's eclectic fashions. Men's hair in the early '60s was strongly influenced by '50s styles, but as the decade progressed hair developed into what we now associate with the iconic '60s cuts.

Mod Haircuts

Originating from the word "modernist." Mods wore smart suits and had fringes and sleek, sharp hair, which was finished with a razor for precision. Bands such as The Small Faces had a highly stylised look typical of the Mod. Mod haircuts do not seem excessively long by today's standards, but in the '60s these were very distinctly of the younger generation. Having your hair cut like this still has a modern high-fashion feel, even if it is infused with a hint of '60s retro. If you have a modern cut with a little length, you can pay subtle tribute to the Mod style. Use a dab of gel in the hair for hold, and comb your hair forward into a fringe.

Beatles Mop Top

The Beatles mop top haircut emerged after John Lennon and Paul McCartney took a trip to Paris in 1961. It is hard to imagine just how much of a stir this cut caused at the time. Although similar to other Mod styles, the Beatles' slightly heavier cut became a distinctive style in its own right. According to Beatles expert Bill Harry, writing for the website Beatles Again, the Beetles' cut was crowned "mop top" after the sensation it caused when they toured the U.S. in 1664. To have the real thing, you need to go to a hairdresser that specialises in vintage haircuts.


The afro, which was a kind of anti-cut, became one of the most memorable looks of the '60s. Encouraged by the Black is Beautiful movement, the afro exhibited an appreciation of natural African beauty and was worn by men and women. Before this, hair was slicked back and down to mimic the style of Caucasian hair. Afros are still popular today and are easy to grow. If you want to wear your hair in an afro, do not have it cut too often as the length and volume take a long time to achieve.


By the late '60s, men's hair grew even longer into what we now know as a hippie look. Many men sporting this look did not have their hair cut at all but simply let it grow. If you want to wear this look today, you need hair below the jaw line, and can have it cut into a style so that it is easier to wear every day. Keep the style casual at the front and avoid heavy fringes, combing hair into a centre parting. Have long layers put in your hair, which help the mid-lengths and ends hang well. Hippie costumes are popular for parties, and it is easy to buy a hippie wig online or from a fancy dress store.

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