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Updated February 21, 2017

Selling items online is an excellent way to make some extra money. There are a number of websites devoted to selling goods from everyday people—eBay, Craigslist and's auction site, just to name a few. Just about anything can be sold online from vintage postcards to your father's old Ford pickup truck. All you need to sell your items online is a camera and some items you are willing to part with.

Clothes & Shoes

Unwanted clothes and shoes are the easiest items to sell online. Sort through your clothes and shoes--anything you haven't worn in more two years, pull out and take clear pictures of the item. Make sure the item is not worn too much or is in bad condition. If any problems do exist, explain the problem in your description. If you have a pair of expensive shoes that just don't fit right, write a really good description that states the shoes are almost new and why you are selling them.

Mobile Phones & Portable Computers (PDAs)

Cell phones and PDAs are another group of items you can sell online quickly, especially on auction sites and local for sale forums like Craigslist. Make sure you find the power cables and any connection cables that came with the cell phone or PDA. For PDAs, include any discs, instruction manuals and other information that came with the device. Note--before selling the items, clear off any personal information that may be on the device.

Unused Electronics—Televisions & Video Equipment

Do you have a fairly new television or piece of video equipment you no longer watch or use? Dust it off and sell it online. Unused televisions that are not too old are perfect for selling online, especially if the TV is digital or portable. Recent video equipment including camcorders, digital and film cameras, DVD players and VCRs are also items you can sell online through auction sites or other selling/shopping sites.

Sound Equipment & Musical Instruments

Sound equipment--microphones, amplifiers, sound boards--is another possible item that can be sold online. Make sure to include all cables and other accessories needed to make the equipment work. Unused musical instruments are also excellent items to sell online. The old saxophone you haven't played in 20 years can be dusted off, photographed and sold in no time. In your item description, target the audience you are trying to sell to—if it is a musical instrument, say “perfect for band student learning the XXXX,” with XXXX representing the name of the instrument.

Sports & Camping Equipment

Sports and camping equipment is another group of goods you can sell online. Dig out the snowboards, footballs, hockey equipment and camping supplies that are junking up your garage and start taking pictures. Find any missing parts and package everything that belongs together. If you have a lot of sports and camping equipment, you may want to sell it all as one package for a flat price.

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