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Norwegian Wedding Gifts

Add some flavour of the old country by giving the bride and groom Norwegian wedding gifts. These gifts are rich in heritage and tradition and can add beauty and a touch of whimsical playfulness to a household. From intricately designed jewellery to luscious delicacies to beautiful carvings to imaginative trolls, Norwegian wedding gifts are sure to be a treasure for any new household.

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Traditional Wedding Gifts From Groom to Bride

Traditionally, the groom gives the bride a gift on the morning following the wedding. The gift's value should be enough so that if something terrible happened to the man, his wife could sell the gift and remain financially viable for many years. A popular traditional gift was the Solje Crown Brooch, but other gifts include watches, jewellery or something for the couple's new home.

Give a Norwegian Wedding Cake

Treat the bride and groom in your life to kransekake, the traditional Norwegian wedding cake. Decorate the cake with Norwegian flags. Make the cake yourself by ordering some of the ring forms used to make the cake. These rings are found in most Scandinavian shops. If you don't want to bake the cake yourself, order some almond paste rings from a bakery and put the cake together from these rings.

Household Gifts for the Wedding Couple

Help the bride and groom to welcome visitors into their home by gifting them with an iron "Velkommen" sign to put on their doorway. If the couple enjoys baking cookies with recipes from Norway, give them a Norwegian krumkake iron and rolling cone. Purchase an iron for the couple's hob, or find an electric one that makes several krumkake cookies at one time.

Gifts for Decoration

Keep Norwegian folklore alive by getting your bride and groom Norwegian items they can use to decorate their house. Whether it's a carved plate to hang on the wall or a set of candle holders, find some pewter items with detailed carvings depicting traditional tales from Norway.

Whimsical Wedding Gifts From Norway

If you are looking for a lighthearted wedding gifts, consider giving the bride and groom some Norwegian trolls. Trolls are traditionally mean and ugly. However, some troll figurines depict trolls that are soul mates, very much in love with each other.

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