Delonghi Coffee Maker Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

With its sleek lines and stainless steel exterior, the Delonghi Coffee Maker looks straight out of a futuristic fantasy. This space age machine appears complicated, but it's simple to operate and performs well.

To Make Coffee

Lift out the water tank and fill with cold water to the level desired. The water must reach at least to the bottom cup marking, but no higher than the MAX level. If you prefer, you can fill the carafe with the desired amount of water and pour it into the water tank, but be careful not to spill water outside the tank. Once the tank is full, the water level indicator lets you know how much water is in the reservoir.

Now take out the filter basket. You can use the permanent filter by itself or line it with a purchased paper filter. If you want to use a paper filter, buy a No. 4 cone-shaped filter. Place your ground coffee in the filter. The standard recipe is 2 level tablespoons of coffee ground for each 177ml of water. Adjust to your taste. If you're grinding your own coffee, grind to an automatic drip grind. The Delonghi Coffeemaker also has an Accuflavor dial that allows you to adjust the strength of the coffee -- turn the dial to the left for weaker coffee and to the right for stronger coffee.

Return the filter basket to the coffee maker. Make sure it's seated firmly and close the lid. Make sure the carafe sits firmly on the base and the lid of the carafe is closed. The coffeemaker won't operate unless the lid is closed. Press the On/Off button twice to begin brewing right away. The button will light and your coffee will begin to brew.

Automatic brew

If you'd prefer to use the Automatic Brew Timer, you'll first need to set the clock to the correct time. Press the Clock button once to advance the clock by one minute, or hold it to advance it by 15-minute intervals. When you've reached the correct time, press the On/Off button once to set the time.

Now, press the Clock button again until you reach your desired brewing time. Press the On/Off button to confirm this time. Press the Program button. This will return the time display to the correct time of day. The On/Off button will flash, indicating that the timer is set. Your coffee will begin brewing when the correct time is reached. You can press the Program button to verify this time. To override the timer, press the On/Off button to start the coffeemaker, and again to shut it off.

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