Cake decorating ideas for men

Updated July 20, 2017

When it comes to men, buying a present can be difficult, but decorating a birthday cake for him can be even harder. Generally, a man will not appreciate the same icing roses or pink decorations that a woman would. When decorating a cake for a man, remember to take into account not only his gender, but his personality as well.


Choose a colour scheme that reflects the personality of the man in question. Focus on his favourite colour or colours for the main decorations, and vary the shade or use complementary or contrasting colours for decorative highlights. If in doubt, stick to strong, bold colours that are generally regarded as more masculine, such as blues, greens, browns and reds.


Make his favourite hobby the unifying theme of the cake. Does he golf? Use green icing to simulate a fairway and a toothpick with a flag to mark the cup, and add a small white ball or two. For the football fanatic, outline the gridiron in white on a green-iced cake, using straws or pipe cleaners for goalposts. Use a square cake iced in brown and green with white squares for the baseball fan, or put a dowel at each corner and link them together with string to create a boxing ring, complete with action figures in a pugilistic pose. Add figures of animals for the nature lover or avid hunter or fisherman, or draw characters from his favourite TV show. The sci-fi buff will love seeing emblems or characters from his favourite series, movie or video game. A car lover would appreciate a sheet cake decorated to look like a vintage automobile, complete with plastic windshield and wire antenna. For the military man or history buff, use dark green or brown icing in a variation of the car cake to create a tank, using straws or dowels for guns.

Decorating Methods

Icing can be used in many creative ways to create masculine decorations. White outlines are useful for sports fields, cars and video game themes, while sci-fi insignia can be drawn with black. Stiffer icing can be used to create the figures of animals, people or even sports equipment or fishing tackle. If more intricate icing sculptures are beyond your level of expertise, consider one of the many pre-made options, such as action figures, models or simply toy or doll-sized versions of items such as cars, sports equipment, animals, boats, motorcycles.

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