How to substitute for molasses in baking

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Molasses is a byproduct of sugar production; it's the syrupy residue found in the vats after the sugar is processed. Your recipe might call for light, dark or blackstrap molasses. Light molasses has a milder, sweeter flavour, while dark molasses is stronger and less sweet, but still flavourful.

Most recipes do not call for blackstrap molasses, because it is fairly bitter. Bakers often use molasses in cookies, rye bread and gingerbread. If your baked goods recipe calls for molasses and you do not have any, substitute another sweetener instead. Try corn syrup, brown sugar or honey.

Substitute 1 cup of maple syrup to your baked goods recipe for every 1 cup of molasses.

Use 1 cup of honey in place of every 1 cup of molasses.

Pour 1 cup of dark corn syrup instead of 1 cup of molasses. ark corn syrup has more of a slight taste of molasses than light corn syrup.

Take out 1 cup of molasses and add 3/4 cup of either dark or light brown sugar to your dough or batter.

Use 1 cup of barley malt syrup instead of 2/3 cup of molasses.

Add 1 cup of brown rice syrup to your baked goods instead of 1/2 cup of molasses.