Color ideas for a nursery

Selecting a colour scheme for a baby's nursery can be challenging. Expectant parents may spend hours selecting the decor for this special room as they anticipate their new arrival. Whether you are expecting a boy, a girl or a surprise, there are several ideas for colour schemes that you can consider when selecting the best theme for your nursery.


Pale blue is the colour traditionally associated with baby boys. If this is your colour of choice for the nursery, consider incorporating several different shades of blue for a more interesting look, or pairing it with another colour. Chocolate brown goes well with a light blue or turquoise. Navy blue and lime green make an eye-catching combination as well. Blue and yellow, both used in pastel shades, can be very soothing and warming. Themes that work well with various shades of blue include a beach theme or under the sea decor. A pale sky blue on the walls can be very calming. If you are using a darker shade of blue, opt for neutral walls in a white or beige. As you explore these various colour schemes, keep in mind that while blue is frequently considered to be a boy colour, there is no rule prohibiting its use for girls as well.


Little girls are often showered with pink and purple items. If you would like to continue this look in your nursery, giving it a distinctly feminine feel, consider using a very light pink or lavender. Hot pink and bright purple can be too jarring for a baby's room. Light pink paired with chocolate brown is a popular colour combination. Pink can also be paired with a crisp mint green. Lavender works well with sage green. A theme that incorporates flowers will work well with these colour combinations, as the green can be used in the leaves and stems of the plants while the blooms can pick up the other colours. Pink also works well with a ballerina or princess theme.


Gender-neutral colours are a good choice for many reasons. Parents who don't want to know the sex of their baby ahead of time can put together a complete nursery in a colour scheme that will work for both boys and girls. This type of decor is also a good choice for parents who plan to have future children use the same nursery, and want to save themselves the cost of redecorating each time. Yellow is the most popular colour for a gender neutral nursery. Shades can range from a rich egg yolk yellow to a pale cream colour. Avoid bright lemon yellows in anything other than small accents as this shade can be too bright for room that is intended to be calming. Since it is a fairly neutral colour, yellow can be paired with a wide variety of other shades. Yellow, green and blue can be used to create a garden themed nursery. Yellow with touches of chocolate brown or black can be used for a honeybee theme.

If yellow isn't the right colour for your nursery, consider other gender neutral shades such as green which can range from a pale mint green to a calming sage or a deep forest green. This is perfect for any kind of outdoor theme and can be paired with chocolate brown and buff for a very natural looking decor. Green also goes well with touched of red, but these should be kept to accent pieces only as red is a very hot and exciting colour and a predominantly red nursery may be difficult to sleep in.

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