How to Match Carpet to Furniture

Sean Murphy/Lifesize/Getty Images

The colour of the carpeting, like the colour of the walls, should coordinate with a room's furniture to create a stylish aesthetic. Knowing which colours go together is not always that clear-cut. However, by using a colour wheel and following a few design guidelines, you can match the carpet colour to the furniture and decor of most any room.

Select the colour or colours of your furniture from a colour wheel. Colour wheels display a range of colours according to the visual light spectrum. You can find colour wheels in home improvement stores and online. The paint and home decor departments of many home improvement stores offer free colour wheels to customers.

Decide what kind of look you want for your room. Colours can be complementary or monochromatic. Complementary colours sit opposite each other on a colour wheel, such as red and green or yellow and blue, while monochromatic colours reside in the same colour family, such as navy blue and powder blue.

Use your colour wheel to determine colours that will work with the furniture you have. For complementary colours, look to the colours on the colour wheel that are directly across from the colours of your furniture. Monochromatic matching colours can be found on the same side of the colour wheel as the colours of your furniture.

Bring home carpet samples in the colours you have chosen from your colour wheel. Often, carpet vendors provide these samples to customers. Lay the samples near your furniture to see which colours look best. Consult your colour wheel again to see if there might be other samples you'd want to bring home and try out.

Ask colour specialists for advice if you don't find the colour wheel helpful. You may find someone with training in home design at the stores where you have bought your furniture or plan to buy your carpeting. Bring colour samples of your furniture or a photograph of your furniture and ask the specialist to suggest colour schemes.

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