What should women wear to the club?

Updated April 17, 2017

You want to be fashionable when you hit the club scene, but if you plan on dancing the night away, you need to be comfortable, too. If a club you want to visit has a dress code, make sure you stick to it so that you have no trouble getting in. While jeans are an easy club choice, you have other options when it comes to getting dressed for a night at the club.

The Right Denim

If you choose to wear jeans to a club, wear a dressy pair. They should be dark as light-coloured jeans look more casual. The cut is up to you because different styles flatter different body types. Your jeans can be skinny, flared, boot cut or straight leg. A nice pair of high heel pumps or sandals look good with dressy jeans and further dress up your outfit.

You can also wear a denim mini skirt in whatever length you like. Be aware that the shorter your skirt, the more attention you'll probably attract, so be ready for it.

Club-Friendly Tops

Wear tops to the club that you probably wouldn't wear to work. Shiny fabrics, sequins, beads and other embellishments are just right for a night at the club. You can also choose clingy shirts that contain lycra or spandex.

If you wear a low-cut top, your trousers or skirt should be more modest for an overall tasteful look.

Dresses to Wear

Good dress styles to wear to the club include ones with form-fitting tops and flared bottoms. You can also go with colourful and boldly patterned fashions. If you want to be chic and sophisticated, a little black dress always works. This is a good time to pull out shiny satin and silk garments -- they'll show up under the flashing lights at the club.

Dresses that hit your knee or above will be comfortable for dancing in. If you like to dance, a dress that fits you closely all the way down will make it harder for you to move.

The Right Shoes

High heels are an obvious choice because they make you look taller and make your legs look longer. They're a flattering shoe style for most women. Make sure your heels aren't too high if you plan on dancing. Extremely high heels will become uncomfortable to wear as the night goes on, but if you plan to sit all night, stilettos are fine.

Pumps always work, but open-toed sandals in a sexy cut are also great choices to wear to a club.

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