What Kind of Yarn to Use on Plastic Canvas

yarn image by Liz Van Steenburgh from Fotolia.com

The yarn chosen for plastic canvas is linked in part to the mesh of the canvas, which resembles a grid. Seven-count or seven-mesh plastic canvas is commonly available. The count refers to how many squares or holes the canvas has per inch for stitching.


Four-ply worsted weight yarn is a good option for seven-count canvas. The ply refers to the number of yarn strands twisted together to form a single strand of yarn, which enhances its strength. Worsted yarn fibres are typically combed before they're spun to straighten the fibres.


Five-count plastic canvas has fewer stitches per inch and larger stitching holes. Therefore, two strands of four-ply worsted weight yarn should be threaded through the needle and used together for stitching. Another option is to use a thicker yarn to allow for stitching with just one strand of yarn at a time. Suitable thicker yarns will have the word "bulky" or "chunky" on their labels.

Expert Insight

Finer, more detailed stitching can be done on fourteen-count and ten-count plastic canvases because there are more stitches per inch. These canvases can accommodate yarns with less thickness. Look for a yarn labelled "sport-weight" for stitching on ten-mesh canvas. Pearl cotton is often used for embroidery and is suitable for stitching on fourteen-mesh plastic canvas.