Where to Recycle Outdated Textbooks

Updated February 21, 2017

Textbooks become quickly outdated, as new textbook editions are released every two to three years. As textbooks are heavy and filled with educational information, it is hard to consider throwing these books in the trash. There are many places that outdated textbooks can be recycled, where others will put the books to use and become more educated.

Textbook Recycle

Textbook Recycle will accept textbooks that are up to 20 years old. All books are either put back into circulation through their facilities, or they are recycled into other useful paper products. Their website allows you to e-mail them to schedule a pickup if you have a large amount of textbooks, or they can direct you to the nearest drop-off location in your area (see Resources).

Books For Africa

Books For Africa is an organisation that collects all types of books, including textbooks and ships them to Africa. The books are used to educate the children of Africa, and end the book famine in the country. Their website offers a list of ways to donate books, as well as book requirements (see Resources).

Books Behind Bars

Books Behind Bars is an organisation that promotes literacy within prison institutions. Nearly all prisons have libraries, and have the goal of increasing literacy among inmates, and deterring inmates from falling back into their old ways after being released from prison. Check the Books Behind Bars website for a list of prisons in need of textbooks, as well as shipping addresses to these locations (see Resources).

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