How to Recycle Snow Skis

Mike Harrington/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Skis are made to withstand the test of time and harsh conditions. With that being said, they are made of materials that will not break down easily if just thrown into a landfill.

With a big push for going green and reducing carbon footprints, more skiers are looking for ways to recycle their skis to either be used by others or to be broken down and manufactured into something new. Thankfully, the task has become much easier in recent years with ski companies and towns joining in the effort.

Donate your skis to a charity or jumble sale for a tax write-off, or put the word out about your skis as you might find someone to hand them down to.

Place an ad on a free site or bring your skis to a ski swap if they still have some life in them and you want to make a little money to put toward new skis. Free sites also have designated areas for free goods, where you can place info about the skis for viewers.

Contact your local ski shop to see if they have any ideas for recycling or if they want your skis for parts. Colorado Ski and Golf is one company that can recycle skis (downhill and cross country), snowboards, boots, poles and bindings.

Check with your local recycling program. Some counties where skiing is popular, including Summit County in Colorado, have special bins just for skis and poles.

Send your old skis to a company such as or to have them built into furniture. You can also contact these companies for plans to build the furniture yourself.