How to Donate an Old TV to Charity

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When you buy a new TV for your home, you may not know what to do with the old TV. Instead of putting it in the trash pile, you can donate your old TV to a charity in your area. The types of charities that typically accept old TV donations are the charities that have thrift stores, shelters or furniture banks.

If nothing is wrong with your old TV, you can help out a charity and maybe even get a tax write-off in the process.

Plug in your old TV to make sure that it works. The TV needs to be in decent working condition in order for a charity to accept your donation.

Use the Charity Vault website (see Resources) to identify charities in your area. Some national charities that accept old TV donations include the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

Contact the charity where you plan on making your donation to see how donations are accepted and if there are any restrictions on TV donations. Some places may only accept TVs under a certain size. Additionally, the charity may offer a pickup service instead of you having to drop off the TV at a donation centre.

Gather up the remote control for the TV, if you still have it, to make your donation. If you are interested in claiming the donation on your taxes, just ask for a receipt when you make the donation.