How to Make a Tesco DVD Player Multi Region

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DVD player region codes help control global release dates of movies. DVDs that are set with a region code can only be read by a player with a matching region code that is sold in the same area. For example, North America sells DVD players that are set as Region 1.

If a DVD is released with a matching region code, it cannot be played in other areas of the world. Setting a DVD player as region free (or multi region) removes this restriction and allows it to play a DVD from any region.

Power on your Tesco DVD player and open the disc tray.

Press the "Setup" key, followed by the fast forward key (labelled as ">>").

Enter the number combination "9735" on the remote. A number will appear on the top, right corner of the screen indicating the currently set region. Press "0" on the remote to disable region restrictions.

Press the "setup" button to return to the main screen and save your settings.